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Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ
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Phil Hall
Criminals!! We went in with a little excited 7 year old bridesmaid-to-be on 3rd July and time was spent exiting her further trying on, measuring up and taking full payment of 160 in advance to 'have the dress made' Visiting the shop again at the end of july just three weeks later the shop is empty, the owner cleared off and brown paper covering the windows The manufacturers of the dress tell us the following: They have the dress ordered but have never received payment from Heather at Carisma Brides (AKA They can supply the dress for 85 (standard price) (A further 85 in our case) It is not made to order, but one size and off the shelf Heather would have known on 3rd July that her business was closing down, that she would be letting down and ruining peoples wedding plans and smashing their dreams She had another party in the shop at the same time kitting out the bride, and four bridesmaids ...taking full payment off them as well My partner had already bought a dress elsewhere but Heather pestered her on the phone days after the visit and purchase of the one bridesmaid dress urging her to buy her wedding dress there as well ...clearly pushing to get in as much money as she could in the days leading up to her doing a runner with everyones cash Cruel, heartless and as crooked as they come .... I just wish we could track her down, maybe one day we will!!

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